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10 Things To Do In Incline Village This Summer!

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

10 things to do in incline village in lake tahoe in the summer

Incline Village sits on the north shore on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. It's one of the most beautiful sections of Lake Tahoe and has plenty to do. In this post, I'll be listing 10 things to do in Incline Village in Lake Tahoe in the summer. Let's get into it!

Oh and make sure you read till the end to get a discount code for one of my favorite activities in Lake Tahoe! 😊

P.S. When visiting Lake Tahoe, please do your part to keep it beautiful by Leaving No Trace.


1. East Shore Bike Trail

east shore bike trail in lake tahoe

east shore bike trail in lake tahoe

A recent addition to Lake Tahoe, the east shore bike trail opened in June of 2019. The 3-mile paved path runs alongside Route 28 and connects Hidden Beach and Sand Harbor State Park. Depending on which directions you're coming from, you can access the path from Tunnel Creek Cafe in Incline Village or the north end of Sand Harbor.

There are numerous little side-trails along the path that lead to the water's edge, which was previously hard to access before the trail was built.

Bikes rentals and parking are available near Tunnel Creek Cafe.


2. Hidden Beach

hidden beach in lake tahoe

hidden beach in lake tahoe

Hidden Beach is about 1-mile south of Incline Village and can be accessed via the previously mentioned East Shore Bike Trail. This spectacular stretch of shoreline is framed by mountains and features crystal clear water and large boulders that are perfect for lounging on. If you visit on a calm day, you'll be blown away by the brilliantly turquoise the water looks.

Paid parking for Hidden Beach is available along State Route 28 near Tunnel Creek Cafe.


3. Monkey Rock Hike

monkey rock hike in lake tahoe

monkey rock hike in lake tahoe

I've mentioned Monkey Rock in quite a few previous posts, and that's because it's one of my favorite hikes in Lake Tahoe. The hike is relatively short with a big payoff. Once at the top, you'll get to enjoy stunning 180-degree views overlooking North Lake Tahoe and the east shore. And, the monkey-carved rock is fun to see, especially if it's your first time doing the hike.

You can pick up the trail to Monkey Rock behind Tunnel Creek Cafe in Incline Village.

Watch the video on Monkey Rock here:


4. Mountain Bike the Flume Trail

flume trail mountain bikes in lake tahoe

This is not something I've done yet, but I wanted to add it to the list. Not only because it looks friggin epic, but also because it's known as one of the countries best biking trails!

Flume Trail Bikes in Incline Village offers a shuttle that drops you and your bike off at Spooner Lake State Park. This is where you start the Flume Trail and ride the 14-miles back to the bike shop at Tunnel Creek Cafe. The trail isn’t rated as difficult, however, there are several steep sections. Flume Trail Bikes advises on their website that if you feel nervous at these steep sections, just get off your bike and walk.

For more information on mountain biking the Flume Trail click here.

If you've done this already, let me know in the comments what the experience was like!


5. Inclined Burger and Brews

inclined burgers and brews in lake tahoe

Inclined Burgers and Brews is a casual restaurant in the heart of incline Village with local vibes and a simple but delicious menu. It's my go-to spot after working up an appetite while hiking Monkey Rock or kayaking the east shore.

I'm a vegetarian, so I can't speak on the burgers but, their impossible burger is the best I've ever had in Lake Tahoe, and their fries are amazing. They serve wine and have an ample selection of beers on tap as well.


6. Drink Coffee Do Stuff

drink coffee do stuff in incline village

drink coffee do stuff in incline village

Drink Coffee Do Stuff is a locally owned coffee house in Incline Village with rustic, cozy, outdoorsy vibes. Their coffee, which is roasted right here in Lake Tahoe, is known for being "less bitter and more sweet" due to high altitude roasting. In addition to their delicious coffee, they serve baked goods and have super cute outdoor apparel available for purchase in the cafe.


7. Sand Harbor State Park

sand harbor state park lake tahoe nevada

sand harbor state park lake tahoe nevada

About 4-miles south of Incline Village is Sand Harbor State Park. Sand Habor is one of the most popular beaches in Lake Tahoe. Even though it's very busy, it's still possible to enjoy this gorgeous beach if you plan accordingly. If you are going to visit, I suggest arriving by 9 am during the summer months. Note that parking is $10.

Because of its prime location on the east shore, Sand Harbor is one of the best places to rent a paddleboard or kayak and paddle down the shoreline towards Bonsai Rock.


8. Stateline Fire Lookout Hike

stateline fire lookout hike in crystal bay lake tahoe

stateline fire lookout hike in crystal bay lake tahoe

Stateline Fire Lookout in Crystal Bay is about 4-miles north of Incline Village. This hike is short and easy and offers stunning views of Lake Tahoe's north shore. This hike does get busy and parking is limited, so make sure you arrive at the trail early or visit during the week. Stateline Fire Lookout is also a great spot to catch the sunset!


9. Tunnel Creek Cafe

Tunnel Creek Cafe in Incline Village