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Clear Kayaking in Lake Tahoe: Experiencing Tahoe’s East Shore from a Transparent Kayak.

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Clear kayaking in Lake Tahoe

If you're looking for an epic activity to do in Lake Tahoe, then consider a clear kayak tour along Tahoe’s east shore. Kayaking in Lake Tahoe is an amazing adventure in itself; doing it in a transparent kayak along Tahoe's turquoise shoreline is stepping it up a notch.

I recently had the opportunity to go clear kayaking in Lake Tahoe thanks to transparent kayak tour company Cleary Tahoe. In this post, I’ll be sharing my experience.

A HUGE thank you to Clearly Tahoe for inviting me out on the water and making this experience possible and to photographer Ludo Fekete for capturing so many beautiful images.

I've included a discount code for you to use with Clearly Tahoe at the end of the post!

Clear Kayaking in Lake Tahoe

My friend Brooke and I arrived at the Clearly Tahoe Shop in Incline Village at 7:30 am. When kayaking and/or paddleboarding on Lake Tahoe, it's recommended to get out on the water early, before the afternoon winds and boats make the water too choppy. It was a little rough getting up so early (I'm not an early riser 😝 ), but I knew it was going to be worth it!

We parked at the shop, hopped into the complimentary van, and were shuttled over to Sand Habor State Park to launch our kayaks. We were offered dry bags for our belongings and provided with a small cooler filled with granola bars and water which I thought was a nice touch!

Clear Kayaking in Lake Tahoe
Kayaking near Bonsai Rock in Lake Tahoe
clear kayaking in lake tahoe

We loaded up our kayaks and along with Clearly Tahoe photographer Ludo Fekete, headed out. We lucked out with excellent conditions as the water was clear and calm. It didn’t take long to reach our first photo opt spot at Bonsai Rock. We enjoyed the views, grabbed a few photos and some drone footage, and then continued south toward Thunderbird Lodge.

clear kayaking in Lake Tahoe

One of the cool things about renting a kayak in Lake Tahoe is that you have access to remote areas of the shoreline that aren't as easy to get to on foot. We stopped at a gorgeous turquoise cove with a cave and hung out there for a bit.

clear kayaking in Lake Tahoe
Heading towards a secluded little cove
clear kayaking in lake tahoe with clearly tahoe
East shore birds-eye views

We grabbed a few more photos, took in the turquoise water, ate some snacks, and then headed back towards Sand Habor. I could have kept going, but we had already been out for almost 3 hours, so we all agreed to head back.

clear kayaking in lake tahoe with clearly tahoe

While we did a private tour specifically arranged for us, the tour that most resembles the one we did is the Bonsai Rock Tour, which launches from the South End of Sand Harbor and takes you along the east shore.

Here are a few tips:

  • Bring sunscreen and apply it throughout the day if you burn easily. The sun is no joke out there.

  • Bring a hat for added protection.

  • Grab a bite at Inclined Burgers and Brews after the tour.

  • Dress in layers. I wore my bathing suit but I also brought a hoodie. I was so glad I did, as it was really cold in the morning!

For more information check out

Bonus: Here is a discount code for you to use for your tour with Clearly Tahoe!:



I hope this post provided a little inspiration on what to do in Lake Tahoe this summer! I've lived in Lake Tahoe for almost 2 years (at the time of writing this) and clear kayaking was one of the most exciting things I've done since living here!

Let me know if you plan to go clear kayaking in Lake Tahoe in the comments!

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Please enjoy Lake Tahoe responsibly.

Always practice the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace.


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