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Visiting Buckeye Hot Springs: One of the Most Beautiful Hot Springs in the Eastern Sierra

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In this post, I'll be visiting Buckeye Hot Springs in Bridgeport, California. Let's get into it!

Buckeye Hot Springs is located along the banks of Buckeye Creek in the Eastern Sierra Mountains. To reach the hot springs, take HWY 395 to Buckeye Road and travel about 3.5 miles. Buckeye Road is a dirt road, and parts of it can be bumpy, but 4WD isn't necessary (my VW Jetta did just fine). However, if there is snow on the road, that is another story.

If camping is your thing, there are several campgrounds near the hot springs.

Watching the sunrise from the upper pools

We arrived at sunrise in hopes to have the hot springs to ourselves, and we lucked out. There's a couple of pools near the parking area that overlook the creek and have beautiful views of the mountains. We soaked in these first before hiking down to the main hot springs.

Tip: Make sure to bring sneakers or hiking shoes for the short but slightly steep hike down to the creek.

Sun rising over the mountains and illuminating the steam
Buckeye Hot Springs is said to be 135 degrees F

My favorite part of Buckeye Hot Springs is the grotto-like waterfalls that cascades into the rock-walled pools. I found the temperature to be perfect but some might find it a little hot. If that's the case, you can hang out in one of the cooler pools further down the hot springs.

We visited Buckeye on a winter morning in January, and even though the outside temperature was dang cold, once we were in the hot springs, it felt amazing! The snowy scene surrounding us definitely added to the magical experience.

What're your favorite hot springs in the Eastern Sierra? Let me know in the comments!

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