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10 Awesome Winter Activities in Lake Tahoe (Besides Skiing!)

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Lake Tahoe winter activities

Lake Tahoe in the winter is not just for skiers! Take it from me, I live in Lake Tahoe, and I haven't skied since I was eight! There are plenty of fun activities to do in Lake Tahoe during the winter months, and in this post, I'll be sharing some of the best ones!

Here are ten awesome things to do in Lake Tahoe in the winter besides skiing!

Please enjoy Lake Tahoe responsibly and keep it beautiful.

Always practice the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace.


1, Paddle Boarding

Paddle-boarders at Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe on a winter day

Paddle-boarders at Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe on a winter day
Paddle-boarders at Sand Harbor on a winter day

It might sound surprising, but winter is one of the most ideal and picturesque times for paddle-boarding in Lake Tahoe. The lake is often glass-like due to a lack of people and boats on the lake (weather permitting, of course). Winter days on the water can feel warm, with temperatures sometimes reaching the 50s, but the water itself is icy cold, so use caution.


2. Chickadee Ridge

Chickadee Ridge in Lake Tahoe Nevada
Tahoe's friendly chickadees

Located off Mt Rose HWY, you don't have to hike very far into the trail for the friendly chickadees to fly right up to you! Of course, it helps if you have breadcrumbs or sunflower seeds. Chickadee ridge is a popular spot for snowshoeing and offers remarkable views over Lake Tahoe if you hike to the actual ridge.


3. Monkey Rock

Monkey Rock hike in lake tahoe in the winter
Views from Monkey Rock after a snowstorm
Monkey Rock hike in Lake Tahoe in the winter
Views facing south from Monkey Rock

The views from Monkey Rock are stunning any time of year, but a little bit of snow just adds something extra. Monkey Rock is one of my favorite hikes in Tahoe, and I've mentioned it quite a few times in my blog. Read more about Monkey Rock here.


4. Snow Tubing

snow tubing in lake tahoe california

Snow tubing in Lake Tahoe
Snow tubing at Fallen Leaf in Lake Tahoe

As I am writing this post, some of the professionally run snow tubing companies are closed down due to COVID. However, even pre-covid, I wouldn't recommend sledding/tubing at these places. Why? Because who wants to pay $$$ to go snow tubing when there are tons of FREE hills around Tahoe?! A few free spots to go snow tubing in Lake Tahoe are Spooner Junction, across from Emerald Bay, Fallen Leaf Road, and right off of Mt Rose HWY near Chickadee Ridge.


5. Emerald Bay