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Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in NYC

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

best places to see cherry blossoms in nyc

Spring is hands down one of the prettiest seasons in New York City. If your planning a visit this is a great time to go. Starting in late March/early April, cherry blossom trees begin to bloom and blanket parts of the city in spectacular shades of pink and purple.

The blooms last for a short time (about a month or so) and certain locations peak faster than others. Mid to late April is your best bet to see the cherry blossoms in all their glory. By early May most of the trees have peaked.

So where can you see the cherry blossom trees in NYC? Here are some of the best places to catch the spring blooms.


1. Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island cherry blossom trees
Roosevelt Island Riverwalk
Cherry Blossom Roosevelt Island NYC
Cherry blossom trees along the East River on Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is one of the best locations to catch the cherry blossoms in NYC. Not only is the Riverwalk lined with stunning bright pink cherry trees, there's also a great view of the city. Take the F train to Roosevelt Island and walk south from the subway station to see the long row of cherry blossoms.


2. Central Park

Cherry blossom central park.  Cherry Blossom NYC
Cherry blossom tree tunnel on the Bridal Path in Central Park
Cherry blossom NYC.  Cherry Blossom Trees Central Park

There are tons of cherry blossom trees (as well as other beautiful spring flowers) all throughout Central Park. However, the west side of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, specifically along the Bridal Path, is the best place in Central Park to find a bunch of cherry blossoms.


3. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

cherry blossom festival NYC.  Cherry Blossom Festival Brooklyn
Cherry blossoms at Brooklyn Botanic Garden
cherry blossom festival NYC Brooklyn botanic garden
Cherry blossom tunnel at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

If you want to see the most cherry blossom trees in one place (along with some spectacular tree tunnels) then head to Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The annual Brooklyn Cherry Blossom Festival is held here, usually the last weekend in April. However, I would recommend skipping the festival and instead visit during the week to avoid the insane crowds.

The cherry blossoms at Brooklyn Botanic Garden last the longest, so you can still catch the blooms in early May (when most of the other locations have peaked). For the current status of the cherry blossom trees check out the Cherry Watch page.


4. Washington Square Park

Cherry blossom NYC
Cherry blossoms in Washington Square Park
Cherry Blossom NYC

The Cherry blossoms peak early in Washington Square Park. The best time to catch them is around early April. If you come at the right time the Washington Square Arch is framed beautifully by the surrounding cherry blossoms. I visited this location in late April and most of the blooms had peaked already.


5. Madison Square Park / Flatiron

Cherry blossom NYC Madison Square Garden
Cherry blossom trees surrounding the Flatiron Building at Madison Square Park
cherry blossom New York.  Madison Square Park cherry blossom

Madison Square Park is a great spot to see cherry blossoms, however just like Washington Square Park, the tree's peak early here. I would say early April is the best time to see the blooms at this location. You can also frame the iconic Flatiron building with cherry blossoms while standing on 24th Street and 5th Avenue.


More places to see cherry blossoms in NYC:

Other popular cities to catch the blooms are Washington D.C, Boston, and Portland, Oregon to name a few.

Missed the cherry blossoms in NYC this year? Don't worry you can always catch them next year starting late March through the end of April/early May. Be sure to subscribe to the blog so that you don’t miss the latest blog posts, videos, and other good stuff!

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