• Gabriella Viola

The Prettiest Spots on Lake Tahoe's East Shore

Updated: Jul 10

the prettiest locations in lake tahoe

Lake Tahoe is an all-around stunning place. From popular spots like Emerald Bay and Sand Harbor to the secluded coves of the east shore; there’s no shortage of locations around the lake to take in Tahoe's magnificent scenery.

That being said, it's no secret that my favorite side of Lake Tahoe is the east shore. The reason? Along with having some of the best views of Lake Tahoe, the rugged east shoreline has numerous beaches and coves with brilliant turquoise water that rivals the Caribbean. Except instead of palm trees, it's pine trees and snow-capped mountains that surround the crystal clear water.

So if you're in search of raw beauty and turquoise views, then Tahoe's east shore is where you want to be. Here are 5 of the Prettiest Spots on Lake Tahoe's East Shore, ordered from south to north.

↠ Whale Beach ↞

Whale Beach in Lake Tahoe Nevada

Girl swimming in turquoise water at Whale Beach in Lake Tahoe Nevada

Whale Beach, also known as Creek Beach, Secret Harbor Beach, and Black Sands Beach, is part of a string of secluded beaches along Lake Tahoe's east shoreline. It can be accessed via Nevada Route 28 and is a 10-15 minute hike south of Secret Cove Beach along the East Shore Forest Trail. Like most of the other beaches in this area, Whale Beach is a clothing-optional beach.

Whale Beach is probably the most remote beach on this list. Once you pass through a series of boulders along the trail, you will be greeted with some of the most picturesque views in Lake Tahoe.

➳ Tip: There is a bit of hiking and a few boulders to cross to get to this beach. Sneakers or hiking shoes are recommended.

↠ Secret Cove ↞

Turquoise water at Secret Cove Beach in Lake Tahoe Nevada

Paddle Boarder at Secret Cove Beach in Lake Tahoe Nevada
Paddling through turquoise water at Secret Cove

Secret Cove Beach is hands down my favorite place to take photos of Lake Tahoe. The semi-secluded turquoise cove blows my mind every time I visit.

Located on Tahoe's east shore, Secret Cove can be accessed directly off Route 28 or from the Secret Harbor Parking Lot. Like Whale Beach, Secret Cove is a clothing-option beach. This is also a popular spot for kayakers and paddle-boarders (who often do so sans clothing).

➳ Tip: The best time to photograph Secret Cove is mid-morning around 11 a