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Orange and Purple Poppies Exploding at Walker Canyon: California Super Bloom

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

wildflowers at walker canyon lake elsinore

Due to the increased rainfall this past winter a "Super Bloom" of wildflowers is occurring all over Southern California. The fields at Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore California are currently covered with brilliant orange and purple poppies.

A heads up: Walker Canyon is one of the most popular places to catch the super bloom and is experiencing an overwhelming amount visitors. I would highly recommend going on a weekday and getting there first thing in the morning to avoid traffic jams and to secure a parking spot. And of course, don't that person who tramples through the poppy fields for the sake of an Instagram photo. The bloom is just as beautiful from the many designated paths throughout the canyon.

The bloom at Walker Canyon is expected to last through early April.


Stunning purple and orange colors stripe the canyon.

super bloom at walker canyon lake elsinore

Early morning in Walker Canyon poppy fields.

walker canyon poppy fields

In order for a super bloom to occur, there must be a perfect combination of rain and favorable temperatures. The last California super bloom happened in 2017.

southern california super bloom at walker canyon lake elsinore 2019

Sunrise before the poppies "open up". Poppies tend to open up in the mid-day sun.

southern california super bloom at walker canyon lake elsinore.

Walking along the designated paths at Walker Canyon.

Early morning sun hitting the fields.

walker canyon poppy fields during the california super bloom

The super bloom is expected last for another week or so at Walker Canyon.


Have you visited the Walker Canyon Poppy fields? What's your favorite super bloom location? Please share in the comments!

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Gabriella Viola is a photographer and outdoor enthusiast currently living in Lake Tahoe, California. 

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