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Venice Beach Sunsets are the best: 15 Inspiring Sunset Photos of Venice Beach California.

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Venice Beach in Los Angeles California is one of the best places to watch the sun go down. With its palm trees, miles of beach, skaters, surfers, and infamous boardwalk; Venice Beach provides the ultimate backdrop for capturing some pretty amazing sunset photos. And maybe there's something in the air, but Venice sunsets are truly some of the most colorful I’ve ever witnessed.

Below is a collection of sunset photos that I have captured throughout my years of living in one of the most eccentric and all around awesome beach towns in Los Angeles California.

Here are 15 Inspiring Sunset Photos of Venice Beach California...


Venice Beach California.  Venice Beach sunset.
Skateboarder walking along Venice Beach.
Surfer Venice Beach California
Surfer at Venice Breakwater, Venice Beach California.
Sunset and Palm trees in Venice Beach California
Winter Sunset in Venice Beach
Venice Beach California.  Rainy day in Venice Beach California.  Palm trees Venice Beach
Venice Boardwalk after a rainy day in Venice Beach.
Sunset in Venice Beach California
Golden hour in Venice Beach California.
Venice Beach Sunset
Rollerblader on Venice Boardwalk, Venice Beach California.
Venice Beach Sunset, Venice Beach Palm trees
Palm trees, pink sunsets, and twilight in Venice Beach.
Venice Beach california.  Surfer in Venice Beach at Sunset

Venice Beach California

The Venice Sign at sunset in Venice Beach California
The Venice Sign
Hot pink Sunset Venice Beach California
Hot pink skies after the rain, Venice Beach Boardwalk.
Venice Beach Sunset
Venice surf under a sunset sky, Venice Beach California.
Venice Beach California
Venice skyline, Venice California.
Venice Beach Sunset
Venice Beach California
Sunset and surfers Venice Beach California
Surfers at golden hour in Venice Beach.

Where is your favorite spot to catch a Venice Beach Sunset? Let me know in the comments!


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