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Paddle Boarding in Lake Tahoe on a Sea Gods Inflatable SUP

Updated: May 4

Discover one of the most picturesque places to paddle board in Lake Tahoe on one of the best inflatable paddle boards!

Paddle boarding in lake tahoe near Sand Harbor State Park

*This blog post was created in collaboration with Sea Gods Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Straddling the California and Nevada State border, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in the US and one of the top destinations for paddle boarding due to its stunning scenery and glassy, crystal-clear water.

With over 72 miles of sparkling shoreline, there are so many fantastic spots to paddle board in Lake Tahoe. One of my favorite locations is the east shore, a rugged section of Lake Tahoe with pristine turquoise coves and impressive granite boulders.

Paddle Boarding on Lake Tahoe's East Shore
Lake Tahoe's East Shore

Paddle boarding in lake tahoe near Sand Harbor State Park

Sand Harbor State Park is one of the most convenient places to launch your inflatable paddle board and access the east shore because the beach is just a short, easy walk from the parking lot. I use an electric paddle board pump to inflate (and deflate) my paddle board and then walk it right to the water.

Paddle boarding in lake tahoe near Sand Harbor State Park

Sand Harbor State Park in Lake Tahoe
Sand Harbor State Park in Lake Tahoe

For the best paddle-boarding conditions, where the water looks like glass, I recommend going early in the morning when the wind is low and the lake is calm. The wind tends to pick up in the afternoon.

Paddle boarding in lake tahoe near Sand Harbor State Park

Paddle boarding in lake tahoe near Sand Harbor State Park
Turquoise cove just north of Sand Harbor State Park

Both north and south of Sand Harbor State Park are incredibly scenic. No matter which direction you choose, you really can't go wrong. Either route will take you past gorgeous turquoise coves, unique rock formations (including Bonsai Rock to the south), and a few small beaches where you can take a little break and enjoy the scenery on land.

Paddle boarding in lake tahoe near Sand Harbor State Park


The Paddle Board I'm Using

Sea Gods Inflatable Paddle Board

The paddle board I'm using is the Diatom Inflatable Paddle Board by Sea Gods. Besides being super pretty, here are the reasons why I love using this board and why I highly recommend it.

  • Portability. You can explore more places with an inflatable board versus a solid board. Sea Gods Paddle Boards tightly compress and easily fit into the hiking backpack that comes with the board with room to spare.

  • It feels stable out on the water, and it's ultra-lightweight, making it easy to carry.

  • Well-thought-out details, including two built-in camera mounts (which I love using for my Insta 360) and two sets of bungee tie-downs (front and back) for securing your things.

  • I know I already mentioned this, but this board really is pretty. The bright colors and beautiful artwork make me happy whenever I use it. Also, the bold colors really make the board stand out in photos.

  • Inflating and deflating is a breeze, especially with an electric pump. I recommend this portable electric pump so you don't have to be tethered to your car.

  • Ease of use. Anything too cumbersome takes the fun out of it. I love not having to deal with strapping a solid board to the roof of my car.

  • It's a very well-crafted, high-quality board, and you can tell the second you take it out of the box!

Get your board!

Check out the Sea Gods website to see their full range and get a Sea Gods Inflatable Paddle Board of your own.

Paddle Boarding in Lake Tahoe
Wheelie iSUP Backpack that comes with the board

Paddle boarding in lake tahoe near Sand Harbor State Park
Paddle Boarding near Bonsai Rock just south of Sand Harbor State Park

A Few Tips for Paddle Boarding in Lake Tahoe

  1. The sun is very strong in Lake Tahoe year-round. Remember to wear sunscreen and bring a hat.

  2. Check the wind forecast for the day. The wind usually picks up in the afternoon, so mornings are often better for paddling. I use Windfinder to check the wind conditions. I usually check the night before and the morning of.

  3. Pack plenty of water, and don't forget the snacks. You don't want to have to turn around early because you're hungry (speaking from experience).

  4. If standing on the board is intimidating, you can sit or kneel. It's just as enjoyable (and it's just as much of a workout).

  5. Keep your feet hip-width apart for the most stability.

  6. Make sure your board is fully inflated to give you a solid deck for balance.

  7. Get out there and have fun!

I hope you enjoyed my Lake Tahoe paddle-boarding guide! As always, when exploring the outdoors, help keep it beautiful by Leaving No Trace.


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