• Gabriella Viola

The Best Drone Spots in Lake Tahoe

Updated: Jul 11

The best drone spots in Lake Tahoe.  Lake Tahoe aerial view

Lake Tahoe is one of the best places for capturing stunning drone images and footage. The mountains, curvy roads, pine trees, and pockets of turquoise water make Lake Tahoe extremely photogenic, especially from an aerial perspective.

For your consideration:

Keep in mind there are quite a few restrictions as to where you can fly a drone in Lake Tahoe. For more in-depth information on where you can fly a drone in Lake Tahoe check out:


For information on drone rules and how to fly responsibly:


To register your drone with the FAA (it's super easy and only costs $5):


Drone etiquette: Unfortunately drones are quite noisy and can disturb someone else's outdoor experience. The loud buzzing can sometimes illicit confused and even dirty looks from near-by individuals. It's always nice to practice drone etiquette by launching and flying your drone a decent distance away from where other people are gathered. You can also try flying during less busy times of day (early morning for example).

Now that we've got the serious stuff out of the way, let's get to the fun stuff. Here are 5 of the Best Drone Spots in Lake Tahoe. All locations on this list can be found along Lake Tahoe's east shore.

All images in this post were captured with the DJI Mavic Air.

1. Chimney Beach

Aerial view of Chimney Beach in Lake Tahoe.   Drone image of Lake Tahoe Beach
Aerial view of Chimney Beach on Lake Tahoe's east shore

Chimney Beach is located right off Route 28 on Lake Tahoe's east shore. The trail to Chimney Beach is an easy 20-minute hike from Secret Harbor Parking Lot and features beautiful turquoise views of Lake Tahoe.

2. Whale Beach

Aerial view of Whale Beach in Lake Tahoe
Birds-eye view of Whale Beach on Lake Tahoe's east shore.

Whale Beach, also known as Creek Beach, Secret Harbor Beach, and Black Sands Beach, is a secluded nude beach in Lake Tahoe. It can be accessed off Nevada Route 28 and is a 10-15 minute hike south of Secret Cove Beach along the East Shore Trail.

3. Skunk Harbor

Aerial view of Skunk Harbor in Lake Tahoe