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Tahoe Winter Wonderland: Snowy Landscape Images of Lake Tahoe

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Lake Tahoe is a stunning place to photograph anytime of year but winter is by far my favorite season. The mountains surrounding the lake are heavily covered in snow and contrast beautifully against the crystal clear turquoise lake. Some of the best beaches in Lake Tahoe are often deserted leaving the water undisturbed and glass-like. And the blanket of fresh snow adds something special to Tahoe’s already amazing views.

Here are a few snowy landscapes taken at some of my favorite locations in Tahoe during my last visit this past March of 2019.

paddle boarding sand harbor lake tahoe

Paddle boarders make for a great subject to photograph at Lake Tahoe. Not only do they add perspective, they always look so tranquil. This image was taken along Tahoe's east shore.


hidden beach lake tahoe.  Best beaches in lake tahoe

Snow covered morning at Hidden Beach on Lake Tahoe's east shore.


snow covered monkey rock hike lake tahoe.  flume trail hike lake tahoe

Snowy views of Incline Village. This trail is usually busy during the summer months with hikers who like to take their picture with Monkey Rock.


winter sunrise emerald bay lake tahoe

Winter sunrise at Emerald Bay.


snowy winter views of lake tahoe from flume trail hike

Winter views of Tahoe's curves facing Southwest from the Flume Trail.

One of my favorite shots from my last visit in March. I was a little nervous while hiking this trail because although it's a short trail; it was deserted, covered in snow, and I was by myself. There were previous foot tracks which made me feel a little better and somewhat safe so I kept going. It was all worth it because I got to capture this beautiful snow covered view at the top.


sand harbor beach lake tahoe photography

Classic views of Sand Harbor Beach.

Sand Harbor Beach is one of the most beautiful sections of the lake but it's usually jammed packed with tourists during the summer months. However during the winter it's often deserted and makes for a stunning location to photograph Lake Tahoe.


sunset views of lake tahoe from cave tunnel rock hike

Winter sunset from Cave Tunnel Rock.


paddle boarding at sand harbor beach  lake tahoe.  snow capped mountains lake tahoe

Paddle boarding on the crystal turquoise waters of the east shore. Tahoe's east shore is my favorite section of the lake to photograph.


Views from the Cave Tunnel Rock hike in Lake Tahoe

Snowy sunset views from the top of Cave Tunnel Rock facing northeast.


I hope you enjoyed these snowy pictures of Lake Tahoe. Please share some of your favorite places to photograph Tahoe in the comments!

For more Lake Tahoe photos check out the gallery.

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Gabriella Viola is a photographer and outdoor enthusiast currently living in Lake Tahoe, California. 

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